Seal Beach

Seal Beach is a fun, easy going beachside community that hearkens back to the days of Gidget and the Beach Boys.

Shop & eat in Seal Beach and enjoy a  truly Southern California experience.  Whether you’re on vacation in Seal Beach or looking for a quick local trip, you will never forget the good times to be had on Seal Beach.  Main Street Seal Beach is a great place to buy a gift, eat a great meal, or just hang out and take in the fresh ocean air and easy to find—right in between Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and Ocean Blvd.  Hailed as the “Gateway to Orange County”, everyone in Seal Beach has access to fun events, an plethora of art galleries, health spas, professional services and fantastic restaurants with a varied amounts of cuisines from fresh seafood to classic hamburgers to sate the hungry traveler. We highly recommend the breakfast burritos from Nick’s Deli.

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Seal Beach Calendar of Events

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